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Yves Rossy - The man who can fly!

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Introduction / Biography

Name: Yves Rossy
Age: 56 years old (in 2015)
Born: Switzerland

Yves Rossy (also called Fusionman) is known worldwide as a professional pilot that has amazed audiences with his outstanding records. He is named the man who can fly and he states that this is his passion, part of his DNA. He believes that only through flying one can be free and he currently struggles to make flying possible for every human being. Another nickname gave to Rossy it`s the “Jetman” and not without a good reason: he has tried everything when it comes to flying, from wing suiting to sky surfing. He took flying to the next level and developed a real wing he is using for flying freely. These wings are actually a carbon-fibre backpack powered by jet engines that are attached to it. The wings weigh about 60 kg.
When asked if he is worried about the risks, he says he can manage them. His suit is very secure: a parachute, a helmet, a special protection suit for the turbines mounted near the wings.


Yves Rossy 2

Amazing Facts

  • One of his most amazing successes was discussed all over the world: he used his “jet-engine powered wings” to fly over Mount Fiji! He did not circle the mountain once, but nine different times during several days. Each of his flights lasted about 10 minutes. He used a helicopter to get in the air and then dived into the sky only with his wings. Rossy can reach 300 km/h up in the air with the help of his wings!
  • Yves Rossy has also flown over “the Grand Canyon”, soared above Rio de Janerio and crossed “the English Channel”. He has previously flown jet airplanes, civilian and military aircrafts.
  • Rossy has also flown past “South Foreland lighthouse” in Dover. Many spectators came and watched Yves in his attempts to fly; he is very appreciated and admired!

Yves Rossy 4


Picture Sources: - picture 1 – picture 2 - picture 3 - picture 4 - picture 5

Published by Silvia Totu


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