Wim Hof - The Ice Man
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Wim Hof - The Ice Man

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Introduction / Biography

Name: Wim Hof
Age: 56 (in 2015)
Born: Sittard, Holland

     Wim Hof is known worldwide as the Iceman. His journey started way back, when Wim was running barefoot in the snow without a problem. That was just the start of a long and interesting battle with the cold. Wim Hof seems to know how to control the cold, as he went through numerous confrontations with it. He is an important figure in breaking worldwide Guinness records, but also in a useful discovery: how to control your inner nature to resist cold.

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Amazing Facts


  • Wim Hof has no less than 21 Guinness World Records! His most famous record is the “Guinness World Record Ice Endurance”, when he resisted 1 hour and 52 minutes in a very cold, ice filled bath tub.
  • Wim Hof is also famous for climbing the Kilimanjaro Mountain wearing nothing but shorts. He also reached about 7000 meters high while climbing the Everest in nothing but his shorts, but he injured his feet and this prevented him on reaching the top. However, his efforts were quite impressing.
  • The world has been wondered how this man did it and how he resists cold so well. Wim Hoff confesses that his incredible resistance of cold is achieved through controlling his inner nature. Wim Hof was an eye-opener through his amazing experiences and his method is now more and more popular worldwide. He believes that with the right amount of training and exercises, you can make yourself stronger and prevent disease.
  • He is the man who ran a marathon “above the Arctic circle in shorts”, who dared to swim under ice for about 120 meters with just one breath, who had gone in a marathon in the Namib desert without consuming any water.
  • Wim Hof was tested before and after his experiments with cold and doctors observed that his inner temperature did not change, even when he stayed for almost 2 hours in a bath tub full of ice! Isn`t that amazing?

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