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Aphantasia — Aphantasia — image less brainScuba diving–breathing underwaterMyths and facts about chocolateKiller plants around usAll about exotic South American fruits
Aphantasia — Aphantasia — image less brain

{google_banner} Description   Close your eyes and try to picture yourself walking along a sandy beach or looking at the sunrise. How clear is the image…

Scuba diving–breathing underwater

{google_banner}Description     Experiencing the thrill of a sport like scuba diving may change your life forever! There’s simply something so spine-tingling and exciting when you’re able…

Myths and facts about chocolate

{google_banner}    Chocolate is one of the most loved “food”. Everybody, from children to grandparents, loves chocolate. But, how many of us really know anything about…

Killer plants around us

{google_banner}   We have around us a lot of things, but we don’t know that some things can kill us. In this case, I say…

All about exotic South American fruits

{google_banner} Pitaya ( Dragon Fruits) Their odd shape might shock you at first, due to their spiky appearance but they are very tasty. The fruit…

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