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The Vietnamese Mossy Frog - Find me if you can

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     The Vietnamese Mossy Frog is one special amphibian! The weird, yet interesting texture of the Vietnamese mossy frog skin makes it the object of numerous researches. There are many things to say about the Vietnamese mossy frog, but the most important one is their ability to camouflage. The uneven texture of its skin helps it blend flawlessly with the surroundings. The Vietnamese mossy frog is almost impossible to distinguish when it stands still.

     The Vietnamese mossy frog grows about 8 – 9 cm, with the females larger than males of this species; the skin of the Vietnamese mossy frog is greatly colored as well! It is a combination of green red and black that helps the frog appear as lichen or moss when it wants to hide from predators. The Vietnamese mossy frog is also a skilled tree climber, thanks to its sticky discs on the toes. Plus, these frogs have great vision thanks to their large eyes.


Vietnamese Mossy Frog 6



     The Vietnamese mossy frog can be found in northern Vietnam. It is a semi-aquatic animal and it spends most of its time around or in water. 



     The Vietnamese mossy frog mostly eats small invertebrates or insects.



Interesting Facts

      The Vietnamese mossy frog has no hard palate into its mouth. Therefore, the frog does not swallow the food; they force it in with the help of their eyes! In fact, when the frog wants to pull the food in, it first pulls its eyes “into the roof of its mouth”, which helps the frog get the food inside.
When these frogs feel threatened, they curl into a ball and play dead. When they do that they actually look like a piece of rock!
Unlike many other types of frogs, the Vietnamese mossy frog does not lay its eggs in the river or pond, but attach them to submerged stones or floating vegetation.


Vietnamese Mossy Frog 1


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Published by Silvia Totu


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