The Red and White Giant Flying Squirrel
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The Red and White Giant Flying Squirrel

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     Also known by the name “Chinese Red & White Giant Flying Squirrel”, it is the largest species of flying squirrels. There are about 44 different species of squirrels that can fly, but this one is special thanks to its size: it grows about 1 meter from head to tail. One interesting feature of the giant flying squirrel is the pair of large, blue eyes.
Usually, squirrels are known as animals that jump from tree to tree to find food or escape predators. This red and white squirrel is special: it has grown a pair of wings that helps it glide from tree to tree. These squirrels are nocturnal animals, usually nesting in high trees.
Red and white giant flying squirrels only come out in daytime if they feel threatened about noises or predators and come out to investigate the danger.


Flying Squirrel 5


     The red and white giant flying squirrel is found across China, more exactly in the provinces of Guangxi, Shaanxi, Hunan, Gansu, Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou. It is also found in Taiwan.  Other countries where the red and white giant flying squirrel lives are India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Indonesia and Thailand. The giant flying squirrel usually occupies limestone cliffs, montane forests or conifer forests. 




     The red and white giant flying squirrel mostly eats leaves, branches, conifer cones, fruits, nuts and sometimes insects. They only feed at night, when they come out to search for food!


Flying Squirrel 2

Interesting Facts


  • Red and white giant flying squirrels have a long body, but they also have a long tail! Usually, the length of their bodies is over a meter long if you count in the tail!
  • Their “wings” are actually “a large flap of skin” that goes from their wrists to their ankles and that helps them glide up to 20 meters at once! However, they can go even faster if they are gliding downhill!
  • The nests of red and white giant flying squirrels are constructed at minimum 10 meters about the ground.


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Published by Silvia Totu


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