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A lot of people adore prehistoric creatures which have been shown in last couple of decades on tv, and movies like : “Jurassic Park”, “The Land Before Time” and “Walking With Dinosaurs.” Many would like to feel the ambient of those scenes, but unfortunately it can’t be and beside this could be very uncomfortable experience.


We will try here to recreate a small piece of Prehistoric “adventure” for you and to share with you some of the Most Ferocious Animals (and dinosaurus, birds, etc) which ruled the Earth millions of years ago. Although the list could be endless, it contains only some of the ferocious prehistoric monsters ever lived.


The list is filled in with weirdest but ferocious prehistoric animals.Some are dinosaurs, some bird,lizards,marine mammals, marine reptiles or just … bigger than the average man but extremely ferocious. Through the helpful skills and knowledge of archaeologists, more and more prehistoric animals are found every year. So there is no criterias of the list just randomly picked up.



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Megalodon  - A ferocious 50-ton shark that terrorized sea creatures around the world millions of years ago.

Sarcosuchus - The Super croc - Prehistoric ancestor of today crocodile

Dunkleosteus - -a hypercarnivorous bone crusher

Spinosaurus - Spinosaurus aegyptiacus- largest meat-eater to walk the Earth

Titanoboa - Titanoboa-The largest snake the world has ever known

Tylosaurus - a whale-sized predator

Dimetrodon - The mammal like reptile from permian

• Long-necked Styxosaurus

• Tyrannosaurus Rex

• Megalania

• Liopleurodon

• Predator X

• Therizinosaurus

• Argentavis

• Sea scorpion

• Saber-toothed cat - with 8-inch-long teeth set in a jaw that opened about twice as wide as a lion's

• Madtsoia the giant snake

• Gastornis

• Entelodonts -The "terminator" pig -Killer Pig

• The Elasmosaur

• Helicoprion

• The Quetzalcoatlus

• The Dimorphodon

• Jaekelopterus

• Phorusrhacidae - Terror Bird

• Terror Raptor

• Hyaenodon -Razor Jaws

• Giant Bear.The short-faced or bulldog bear

• Killer Wolf

• Giant Orthocones- squid-like behemoths

• Nothosaur lizard

• Tanystropheus

• Cymbospondylus

• Basilosaurus

• Liopleurodon

• Halisaurus

• The Elasmosaur

• Deinotherium

• Helicoprion

• The Quetzalcoatlus

• Jaekelopterus

 • The short-faced bear

• The dire wolf

• Dolichorhynchops–"Dollies"






Sources :
Attention ! Not all the picture sources from this page are written here, you can find detailed info's on each article e.g : "Megalodon", "Sarcosuchus" etc.


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