The Amazing Rainbow Lorikeet
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The Amazing Rainbow Lorikeet

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     The Rainbow Lorikeet is one special parrot. Its uniqueness comes from the colorful plumage: bright red combined with green and blue. The Rainbow Lorikeet cannot be mistaken with any other parrot; it impersonates the rainbow through the green forest of Australia.  The male and the female cannot be easily differentiated because they look alike. The Rainbow Lorikeet usually has green wings, and yellow or orange breast with blue belly and head.  

     The Rainbow Lorikeet is a social bird, often encountered in loud flocks. A bird like this will always be noisy and active, sometimes conspicuous and belligerent. The amazing Rainbow Lorikeet is about 30 cm long with wings of 15 cm. It does not weight much, only about 130 g. Even though it can be kept as pet, it is usually found in the wild, where it lives over 20 years!
The predators for this species are the diamond python and the raptors (brown and peregrine falcon, whistling kite).

Rainbow Lorikeet



     The Rainbow Lorikeet lives in woodland, open forest, rainforest, gardens, mallee, parks, etc. The species originate in Australia, where they can be found in mountain areas as well.
In Australia they live in the northern and eastern parts. However, they change areas often, going where the food is. They have a nomadic character and they usually stick longer to an area where there are food patches.

Rainbow Lorikeet Couple



     The Rainbow Lorikeet eats mainly pollen thanks to its high protein content. The bird also eats nectar, fruits, seeds, berries and even insects, such as wasps, ants or beetles. Sometimes you can see a Rainbow Lorikeet accepting foods like pears, apples and mangos. In fact, they are known for destroying fruit crops!


Beautiful Rainbow Lorikeet

Interesting Facts


  • 70% of the time the  Rainbow Lorikeets eats! Plus, they need about 5 hours to satisfy their hunger for the day.
  • The Rainbow Lorikeet is notorious for its charming nature: it is attention-seeking, demanding, territorial and very, very social.
  • When the female of the Rainbow Lorikeet species is incubating, the male always feeds her.


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Published by Silvia Totu


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