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And in the begining was .... THE IDEA ...

The idea of this site started some time ago actually many years ago when I was in University and I had my first contact with Internet somewhere in ’99…At that time I was trying to find good websites to acquire info’s for my studies and every time when I was searching on net some info’s a lot of pages where full of craps or advertising banners , pop-up windows and I was ending up in the situation of wasting my time and I mean hours to finally find the source of info which I was looking for.

Then I start to collect those websites and bookmark them, then to arrange them in directories .But, in time I lost them …I was frustrating …WHY I can’t find a site with GOOD info’s ?...structured, precise, useful …. Without too many banners and pop up windows most of them pornographic …From here I start to have my idea of putting together a website with "ALL YOU NEED" to have …all you need to know.

But as many ideas some of them got lost in time …. Due to different reasons I start a small project and one of my first website which was made in 2000 was in a shared domain where I start to put "the most funniest" pictures..Then I realize that also I receive a lot of attachments on mail with different .pps, short movies, etc..And I collect into a gallery. In the latest 10 years I got many ideas start different websites but because of time mostly and the fact that I was working in different international companies TIME was the key factor in postponing my idea.

Couple of years ago finally I purchase some domains and I start to build slowly some websites but also in a "shy" way …then again I abandon them …still there are "somewhere" on the net.

In 2010 I met one of the most interesting person in my life to whom I shared my idea … and then the beginning of what you see here started.

The MAIN IDEA of this site is:

"Everything YOU NEED to know"

Along with "u2know" category are : travel, downloads, utils, news, fun and top 101

An interesting explanation for "top 101". Many people are asking me WHY "101" and NOT 100 …not 50 …not ….10 …. And my answer is WHY NOT 101???

Every time we find in this World a LOT of "tops" …many of them: "top 10, top 20, top 50,… Top 100 … " BUT WHAT means TOP ?

According with dictionary the word "top" means (between many explanations of course) :

"the highest or leading place, position, rank, etc.: at the top of the class."(

So …if "top" already means "the highest in class, the highest rank …THE BEST position ….etc, etc ….why we call "top 10" and then "top 20" …and then "top 50" …"top100" …"top 500" ? even … what men THE BEST and THE HIGHEST rank for us ?????

WHY NOT "TOP 101"???

ENJOY your visit here, and I hope you will find useful info’s and ALL YOU NEED to know about … EVERYTING!