Kangoo Jumps – a sport for body, mind and not only
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Kangoo Jumps – a sport for body, mind and not only
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    Well let’s just say that if you ever jumped on a trampoline, you will love this sport. Putting these “boots” on is like putting on some miniature trampolines. You will no longer have to worry about your joints because these rebound shoes will protect your feet by giving you the support and comfort you need all throughout the exercises routine.

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There are many workouts promoted and advertised by gyms and trainers, but Kangoo Jumps seems to be the ultimate extreme sport practiced by everyone lately. This unique, one-of-a-kind exercise will provide people a great and fun time and also a lot of health benefits. The only equipment required for this workout is a pair of special Kangoo Jumps boots and a lot of space to practice, of course. It is strongly recommended by specialists that beginners work with a trainer as the sport may cause unwanted injuries and issues.
    The Kangoo Jumps sport is not only healthy but interesting as well, and also very fun. Plus, it can be a true blessing for people that have problems with knees and leg joints.

How did Kangoo jumps appeared?
    Kangoo Jumps is a sport that rapidly became popular due to its great effectiveness and many benefits on the body. It is called by some people an “extreme sport” but it can be very easy if it is practiced the right way and assisted by a professional trainer. Kangoo Jumps was “invented” in the 1920s and it had a very clear purpose: it aimed to help rehabilitate the injuries of knees and also the leg joints.
    These great boots for exercising were created in Canada. It seems that their purpose was to help rehabilitate people who suffered from severe injuries or who had to recover from surgeries. They were designed to give you a high energy boost and to reduce limb injuries. Strains on the joints are less intense and the workout is very effective.

kangoo jumps,kangoo workout,kangoo sport,jumping workout,sport extreme

    Even though the prototype for the Kangoo Jumps famous boots were first created in the 1920s, the moment this sport became popular was in the 1990s when a Swiss entrepreneur, on his name Denis Naville, redefined the concept. He focused on improving the boots so they are more comfortable and useful and have a much nicer design. After this important moment, the Kangoo Jumps madness appeared, as there were created classes and fitness programs for the curious ones. It was only a matter of time until Kangoo Jumps became popular all over the world and for all group ages.

The design
    The ankle support is given by the ski clip attachments on the boots. The sole is a non-slippery one which makes it ideal to use indoors or outdoors, regardless of the surface. The interior part of the boot can be easily cleaned or even replaced if needed. You can find these boots in various colors and designs, all available in sport stores or online shops.

    Attending Kangoo Jump classes means that you will benefit from a pair of free boots which is normally provided by the Kangoo instructor. However, if you like having your own boots, get ready to invest between 200-270 euros.

    Take it easy when you first engage in this activity. Injuries can happen due to the improper use of the boots. This kind of fitness equipment is not suitable for pregnant woman, those who suffer from motion sickness or heart conditions.

Is Kangoo Jumps sport popular?
    Kangoo Jumps is actually one of the most popular sports at the moment, and not without a good reason. This amazing rebound sport combines the effectiveness of a cardio workout and of strength exercises all in just one session! Plus, more and more people start to practice this sport because it has numerous health benefits and it is fun and energizing.

kangoo jumps,kangoo workout,kangoo sport,jumping workout,sport extreme

Even though Kangoo Jumps was perceived suspiciously when it first appeared, because it seems unsafe and difficult, right now people start to trust it more due to the professional trainers that are there to guide the people through every step of the training. There are so many classes and fitness programs that promote this great workout right now that it can be found at almost any gym around the world. If you are looking to practice Kangoo Jumps, you would probably find an available class at the gym in your city.

Where is Kangoo Jumps practiced the most?
    Kangoo Jumps were firstly created in Eastern Europe in 1920s, but they spread worldwide since that moment. It is not certain where Kangoo Jumps has the highest frequency because the sport is advertised worldwide, especially in high-developed countries. Kangoo Jumps is very popular in countries like the US or in the Western Europe, but no study has yet revealed where this sport is practiced the most.

Benefits of Kangoo Jumps
    Kangoo Jumps is such a popular sport for a very good reason and that is: it has many benefits on the human body and provides a very good mood for those who practice it! Also called rebounding exercise, kangoo jumps will reduce your body fat, will firm you whole body from legs to arms, thighs and abs, and it will also strengthen your muscles. The Kangoo Jumps sport will also be very good for your heart, as it provides a nice aerobic workout, and it will also energize your body when you are tired. 


kangoo jumps,kangoo workout,kangoo sport,jumping workout,sport extreme

    There are lots of studies that reveal the major benefits that this sport has on one’s health. You don’t have to worry about joint discomfort any more, your level of endurance will rise, and your weight loss will improve not to mention you will be instantly sculpting your thighs and legs.
The cardio activity while doing this workout is also pretty intense and the caloric burn is significant, Need more reasons? Ladies you can say goodbye to cellulite and be proud of your new improved and toned legs, buttocks and abs. This kind of activity is also beneficial for bone reconstruction, helps you correct your spine posture and improves balance.

However, there are many more benefits to the Kangoo Jumps sport, and you will find below only the most important of them:
•    It helps protect the joints;
•    It helps burn fat and also improves the ratio between muscle and fat;
•    It increases your respiration capacity;
•    It strengths the heart and the muscles so your system will work better;
•    It helps the body repair tissues;
•    It improves your coordination;
•    It improves your endurance;
•    It increases the capacity of your cardio-vascular system;
•    It stimulates the lymphatic system;
•    It will firm up your skin and also increase the elasticity of it;
•    It can slow atrophy down and it slows down the aging process;
•    It can help with sleep problems, as it will provide easier relaxation;
•    It can help with the memory, as it enhances the mental performance;

Plenty of specialists recommend this sport for those who suffer from:
•    Obesity
•    Posture issues
•    Back pains
•    Osteoporosis and osteoarthritis
•    Depression

Interesting facts about Kangoo jumps
Even though this sport is so popular and so appreciated at this point, there are some things that may be unfamiliar to you! Kangoo Jumps is truly one of the greatest ways to move, workout and have fun, but it is quite interesting as well:
•    N.A.S.A state that Kangoo Jumps is one of the best sports because, as they said: “jumping exercises are the most effective and useful exercises invented by man”.
•    There were studies conducted on the Kangoo Jumps for over 13 years! The sport the is constantly improved by specialists to make it more safe and effective for people.
•    Kangoo Jumps can be practiced in various ways: by walking, by running, in classes, by dancing, etc.
•    It is recommended for people with health problems, such as injuries, back pain, obesity, osteoporosis, etc.
•    Even though it does not seem so, it is fun and entertaining!
•    A pair of Kangoo Boots costs about $1000, so the sport is definitely not a cheap one!

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