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John Ferraro – The Human Anvil

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Introduction / Biography

Name: John Ferraro

Age: 45 (in 2015)

Born: Boston, USA

     John Ferraro is known by the scene name Gino Martini. He is a professional wrestler with an impressive career. He fought for many wrestling organizations, such as “NWA New England”, “New England Championship Wrestling”, “the Millennium Wrestling Federation and Chaotic Wrestling” or “Paulie Gilmore`s New World Wrestling”. He is among the best brawlers in the United States.

     However, John Ferraro became popular when he started to perform his unusual tricks. His talent was discovered in childhood when he butted his head into a “solid oak door” and was not injured much. After seeing this, John decided to train his capability to break things with his skull, and he succeeded! The whole world knows now how though his skull actually is! He believes that training, dedication and preparation are the keys to success, no matter what talent you have. He says that he gained confidence in his abilities thanks to this organized life routine.

     John Ferraro is busy now with training and performing his talent on various TV shows. He became a legend thanks to his superhuman skull!


John Ferrero 3

Amazing Facts

  • John Ferraro is also known as the “Human Anvil”. His superpower consists of breaking concrete with his head!
  • John Ferraro is fearless: he accepted to have bowling balls dropped over his head from a considerable height of 15 feet! And guess what, he is still healthy and alive.
  • He has set a couple of Guinness World Records. The most recent is having no less than 45 “concrete blocks” split onto his head!
  • His superhuman ability has been researched by doctors: it turns out that John Ferraro has a very, very thick skull! You cannot learn that anywhere, so it is not recommended to try it at home.
  • Another great ability of John Ferraro is his ability to push very thick nails through “sheet metal” without using anything but his skull.


The Hammer Head, John Ferraro, Gino Martini, super thick skull, human anvil

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Published by Silvia Totu


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