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Hu Qiong a Shaolin monk with unbreakable body

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Introduction / Biography

Name     Hu Qiong
Age        38
Born       Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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Hu Qiong is a Shaolin monk kung Fu Master from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia  who is famous for his unbreakable skin and body.
Hu Qiong, became a monk in Shaolin temple aged eight.
He can throw needles like streaking bullets and stop knives with his bare hands.

Amazing Facts

In a temple in Kuala Lumpur, Shaolin monk Hu Qiong demonstrates his unbreakable body by smashing steel on his head, and spears in his throat.

To assist Hu Qiong on his demonstration, bio-mechanic professor Dan Voss measures the forces at play to prove this is real.

Hu Qiong can insert a fast spinning electric drill into his temple and belly for a full minute and walk away unharmed.


He can also be speared, stabbed, or (try) to cut, and on all test results he walk away unharmed.
He also caught a running electric saw with his BARE HANDS.



Hu Qiong, who has been dubbed "the unbreakable body" by other martial arts experts, said he started to learn martial arts at the age of eight at a Shaolin temple.

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