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Hemp produces more cellulose fiber than trees — tree-free paper
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   Although there are lots of reasons for legalizing Cannabis, hemp, which comes from the same species of plant as marijuana, surely has the most concrete benefits. Moreover, the strains of marijuana utilized in industrial and consumer products include such a reduced level of the intoxicating substance, that the two shouldn't even be placed in the same category.


   According to Ecomall, hemp won’t just save our remaining forests, but paper produced from hemp is more durable, stronger and finer. Like cotton, the hemp plant produces cellulose fiber pulp that is much more pure than the cellulose fiber obtained from wood… Lots of the past accounts printed on hemp paper, hundreds or maybe thousand years ago, are still extant.

Hemp paper
   On a yearly basis, an acre of hemp will produce as much paper as 2 to 4 acres of trees. From tissue paper to cardboard, all kinds of paper items can be made from hemp. Worldwide, the demand for paper will increase considerably within 25 years. If tree-free sources of paper aren’t prepared, in order to meet this future demand, massive deforestation and environmental damage cannot be avoided. The hemp plant is definitely the world's most favorable source of tree-free paper.


   The quality of hemp paper is higher than that of tree-based paper. It will last longer, hundreds of years without even damaging, can be recycled way more times than wood-based paper, and necessitates fewer toxic chemicals in the production process than does paper produced from trees.


Interesting facts

  • It takes many years for trees to grow till they can be gleaned for wood or paper, but hemp is ripe for harvesting just 120 days after it’s cultivated. Hemp can grow on almost all lands that are fit for farming, but forests and tree farms necessitates extended areas of land accessible in few locations. Harvesting hemp instead of trees would remove as well erosion due to clear-cutting, thereby diminishing topsoil loss and water pollution generated by soil runoff.


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Published by Claudia Barbu

11 November 2015, 10:55 hemp, cellulose fiber, paper, hemp paper, trees, tree-free4750

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