Gabriel Barbar - Superhuman speed and memory
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Gabriel Barbar - Superhuman speed and memory

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Introduction / Biography

Name: Gabriel Barbar
Age: 22 (in 2015)
Born: Rio de Janeiro

     Gabriel Barbar is one of the phenomena from South America. He is 22 years old now, but he is famous worldwide for his superhuman ability to solve the Rubik cube in a matter of seconds. At the age of 18 he was introduced in a show about people with superhuman abilities, making him the most famous Rubik’s processing in South America.


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Amazing Facts


  • Gabriel Barbar currently holds the record at solving the Rubik cube in South America. He can bring the cube to its initial shape in less than 8 seconds! Plus, Gabriel has other four “continental records”. In South America, he is known as the fastest cube solver. Another talent he has is solving the cube with only one hand, while he is blindfolded!
  • Gabriel Barbar has an astonishing “spatial memory” and he is also great with strategy. These two attributes are, in his opinion, essential to a person who wants to compete in Rubik cube challenges.
  • Gabriel is training with the Rubik Cube for hours daily, and he even developed his own strategy when he tries to solve a Rubik Cube: he takes a look at it and his mind begins to look for solution. Then he puts his speed at a good use and he succeeds in solving any Rubik Cube in less than 8 seconds every single time!
  • The secret of Gabriel`s success with Rubik Cubes is memorizing moves. However, he also has a very “particular memory” that helps him get the process done. He was tested and it turns out Gabriel can remember multiple colors and sites and also distinguish what has changed in the environment that surrounds him very fast. This requires a very well trained short term memory, but also much mental energy. Gabriel has indeed a great mind that he puts to good use!

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Published by Silvia Totu


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