Draco Volan - Gliding through the rain forest
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Draco Volan - Gliding through the rain forest

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     Draco Volan is one of the most interesting lizards seen by humans. A lizard from this reign looks like a small and very cute dragon but it is in fact a lizard with wings! The distinguishing feature of Draco Volans is the set of wings they have grown on their back. These wings are supported by “elongated ribs” and accompanied by a dewlap which is a kind of “gular flap”. A lizard from the Draco Volan species grows between 195 and 212 mm in length and it usually has a long tail; interestingly enough, this tail is almost as long as their body, growing between 114 and 123 mm!



     Draco Volans live in the rainforest or tropical areas. They can be usually found in wooded areas, as they need a large number of trees to jump from. Currently you can see the flying lizard in Southeast Asia and southern India; these areas include the Philippine Islands and Borneo.

Draco Volan in beautiful light



The Draco Volan is known as an insectivore, its main meals being termites and small ants. They are not predators; the Draco Volan can be described as a lizard which sits and waits for the food to come rather than hunt it.


Interesting Facts


  • Draco Volans are safe from humans because, for a long time, it has been believed that they are poisonous. However, this rumor has been proven to be false.
  • The size of the Draco Volan is relative to … a tea cup!
  • Draco Volans almost never go on the ground. Only females from this species visit the forest floor to lay the eggs, which are covered in the soil right after that.
  • The wings are not actually used for flying but for gliding. They can glide from tree to tree, but they never do that when it rains or on windy weather.
  • The Draco Volan is a very territorial animal! It usually needs about three trees as their “Tropical Condo”; about three females are allowed to live in each three. When the male wants to spot females, it will spread its wings and “court” them.


Draco Volan in the night


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