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Dean Karnazes - Super Human Endurance!

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Introduction / Biography

Name: Dean Karnazes (real name: Konstantinos Karnazes)
Age: 53 years (in 2015)
Born: Los Angeles, USA

Dean Karnazes is one of the most famous runners in the world. He spent his entire childhood in Los Angeles, California being just a normal child. However, his amazing destiny was about to reveal itself, making Dean one of the famous persons in the world. As he was a child, he discovered the pleasure of running. While his colleagues were taking the bus, Dean used to run from home to school and back, stating that his long runs were not exhausting, but gave him a real feeling of happiness. Later on, when he hit his teenage years, he discovered that he can run for miles and miles without feeling tired in any way. So, when he was just 11 years old he climbed the Great Canyon while running. At the age of 12 he biked to his grandparents’ house, which was about 64 km away, without telling anything to his parents. It was only in high school when Dean started to actually train his amazing talent.


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Amazing Facts

  • Dean Karnazes is an amazing runner; he can run more than most trained athletes without feeling tired at all. His body is the “guilty” one: the levels of lactic acid in his muscles do not vary much, even when he runs for 100 kilometers without a break. He definitely has a superhuman quality, making him a true phenomenon worldwide!
  • Dean Karnazes did not have a very good financial situation, so he needed to abandon running for almost 15 years. However, he got back on track in 2004, when he won the “Best Body of the Year” award given away by GQ magazine. After that, the records kept showing. He ran without resting for no less than 217 kilometers through the Valley of Death, while the temperature outside was 49 Celsius degrees!
  • Another amazing record of Dean Karnazes: he ran without a break on a distance of 44 kilometers, at a temperature of -40 Celsius degrees!!
  • He also ran marathons for 50 days without stopping, doing one marathon per day in 50 different American states. The amazing fact is that, after he ran for 40 kilometers daily, he did not lose a single pound! In other words, he maintained his weight, defining human nature!
  • He was also named by TIME magazine “one the most influential people in the world”, and by Men`s Fitness magazine, “one of the most fittest men on the planet”.

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Published by Silvia Totu


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