Beautiful orchids- A truly reality
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  Everybody loves orchids not just because they are over 25,000 different species and for they have varying colors and shapes. Why do we love them? We love orchids because they are beautiful. They mean fertility and virility, beauty and perfection, opulence and luxury and love. In some parts of Europe, they were used like the key ingredient in love potions. They face dangers from habitat destruction, pollution and global warning. When I was a little girl, I fell in love with orchid. Do you know that their family includes Vanilla? Yes, this is true. Orchid is also used in perfume composition.

  1. Orchids were used like glue. The roots were dried in the sun in Aztec period, being mashed into a fine powder and in combination with water; in this way it was made glue, a strong one.
  2. Do you know that their family includes Vanilla? Yes, this is true. Being type of Orchidaceae, Vanilla is used as important flavoring in baking, for aromatherapy and perfume.
  3. Orchid is also used in perfume composition. They have a strong perfume, so most of them are used like base in perfumes.
  4. Orchids were used for over 1,700 years ago in China as medicinal plant for headaches, coughs, fevers, wounds and aches.
  5. In 2011 it was discovered a new species of orchid in Papua New Guinea. Its name is Bulbophyllum nocturnum and this is the only plant and the only orchid which blooms exclusively at night. But it blooms for one night, so its life is short, very short.
  6. Ophrys scolopax is known as bee orchid and this is an interesting flower because it has one petal which seems like a female bee and the smell which orchid produces it mimics like a female bee. The male are attracted and it ends up covered in pollen, repeating the pollination at other flowers.
  7. Although the orchid is a tropical plant, it can grow on every continent, except Antarctica.
  8. Orchid can live up over 100 years. This makes the orchid a good gift for a child because he/she can grow up in same time with him/her gift.
  9. Many orchids seem with human faces. Maybe this is the reason for orchids were the most popular houseplants. With a funny orchid in your house, you cannot be bored. For example, the Green Hornet orchid seems with little dancers. They have beautiful details and they are the artists’ preferred flower.
  10. Consisting of 25,000 to 30,000 species, the orchids are one of the largest flower families in the world. With so many brother and sisters, I would be proud with such family if I would be an orchid.

  These plants are so interesting and so popular. It is not a reason for we don’t love these plants. They are beautiful, perseverant and funny. Buy a orchid and you will have a new friend.





Published by Cristian Corina Florentina

25 June 2014, 12:32 orchid, interesting facts orchid, funny flower11434

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