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  In our world is a truly fight for this question answer: “Are the tomato a vegetable or a fruit?” in my country, tomato is know as vegetable, but I discover that it is a fruit. Whatever it is, I think that I can eat it all day. I like fresh tomato grown in my grandpa’s garden. So, we use it every day, but do we know more information about it?

  Let’s see.
1.This plant is native from South American Andes, using as a food originated in Mexico. Its family is named Solanaceae. It typically grows to 1-3 meters in height. It is a perennial plant. The fruits are rich in lycopene which has many beneficial health effects. The fruits contain many vitamins such as beta-carotene, lutein zeaxanthin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin K. also, they have magnesium and potassium.

2.Traditionally, tomatoes grow in summer, but with the new technology, they can grow in winter too. In my garden, they grow slow, but safe with the purpose to be eaten by especially me. You can care them unless you don’t have enough time. My grandpa just wet the early in the morning or the sun sets, after the plantation. They have more savory if they are planted with love and hungry. If you have a garden in the back of house, I think that is a good idea to start to plant some tomatoes.

3.The heaviest tomato had weigh 3, 51 kg and it was grown by Gordon Graham of Oklahoma in 1986. I think that many people want that their tomato to be the best tomato ever. I can cook some big dishes with this tomato.

4.They are one of the most used plants in kitchen. We use it as sauce, as part of dish, as snack. Personally, I eat this fruit till I was a little girl. With a piece of cheese and bread and tomato, this is a perfect snack. In my natal village, this is like a meal because the farmers don’t have enough time to eat, not till the sun sets.

5.At Tomatina, in Valencia (Spain), is organized annually on the last Wednesday in August, the tomato festival. Actually, this is a tomato fight festival, being the most popular festival in the world. If you will decide to participate, you will fight with tomatoes. This experience can be fantastic because you will be part of a street sauce. Find more information about this festival and enjoy at it. This is a cool experience.

  Some of us grow these plant and most of us eat this plant. This is delicious, especially in a sauce and in a dish. I really like chips with tomato sauce. Believe me, tomato sauce is better than ketchup. I try both and I decide it or mine. A garden with these fruit of paradise is a truly paradise for us. I plant this plant every year in my grandpa’s garden and I am help by my grandma to make delicious tomato pasta which is used later at dishes like soups. Try to plant, it will be one of best things for you.




Published by Cristian Corina Florentina


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