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Interesting plants which you don't know that exist
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We see plants every day. When I walk on street, I see in a corner of it a flower shop. There are sold a lot of flowers. Roses are bestseller. But we see only ordinary flowers. In this world live some interesting flowers which can surprise you. I discover some wonders of nature, some exotic, rare and unusual species which live in this world. 

  • Rat-eating pitcher plant (Nepenthes attenboroughii) has this name because it really eats rats. This plant is native from Philippine Archipelago, on Mount Victoria and it was found in June 2007. The stem is up to 3.5 cm thick and it is circular in cross section. It may attain a height of up to 1.5 meters. This is awesome. Imagine that this plant can eat a human leg in SF movies. It is a carnivorous plant and the only plant found until today which can eat something else except insects. Also, it may be the largest meat-eating plant in the world. Maybe it will be found other plant which will be bigger that this plant.

  • Stinkhorn mushroom (Mutinus Caninus) is an interesting fungi plant which looks like earthworm. It has an orange-brown shaft and a dark tapered head. It is native to North America. I think that you won't be surprise as you think because this plant has as normal size less than 5 cm, but if you use little your imagination, it looks funny. Actually, it looks like a ugly earthworm.

  • A plant which is really funny is Dancing plant (Desmodium Gyrans). It is known as the semaphore plant or telegraph plant, being one of a few plants capable of rapid movement. It is widely distributed almost on the all Asia. This plant can make your day better with just a single song. I wander if it will dance if I sing. Maybe I won't do this because I want to live this plant. This plant was a favorite of Charles Darwin, being featured in his book The Power of Movement in Plants.

  • What does it say you the name "Dead horse arum lily"? Well, this name says me that it is something wrong with this plant. Its botanical name is Helicodiceros muscivorus and it is known as Dead horse arum lily. It is a giant flower which bears its distinct scent of rotting meat. It is next to the Corpse plant at the category killer for rotten botanicals. It is interesting that this plant can raise its own temperature. This is a handy trick to convince flies that there is really dead hot flesh. It grows especially in Mediterranean area.

  • I don't want to scary you, but Corpse flower with its botanical name Amorphophallus titanum is the biggest flower in the world, but also it can be the smelliest. It is native from tropical forests of Sumatra and it emits a scent of rotting flesh. It may grow up to 20 feet tall and 16 feet wide. I wonder how this plant is so big. You can say that it is an alien plant. It can be used in the next successful movie with dinosaurs.


Every day we must discover something new. Today I discover some plants which really surprise me, especially the last one. Suddenly I feel that I am short.


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Published by Cristian Corina Florentina


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