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All of us hear that roses are the most beautiful flowers in the world, but what do we really know about them?
I’m telling you interesting facts about roses because they deserve a beautiful and simple description.

Roses are a woody perennial and are over 100 species. Their family is called Rosaceae. All of them are wild and they come from several parts of our world such as Europe, North America, northwest Africa, many parts of Asia and Oceania.

  • They are grown for their beauty and their perfume. This is known from ancient times. Also, the baths with rose’s petals were a must for the ladies in Middle Ages. It was customary for the wealthy.


  • They are best known as ornamental plants grown for different reasons. For example, they are grown for being offered by a boy for a pretty girl. Does it sound familiar to you? Roses are present in every garden because they are beautiful. Just this beauty makes you happier.


  • Roses are the best gift for a girl at first date. This is an advice for boys! Give a red rose, you will make a good impression and if the girl will laugh to you, believe me, that girl is a fool. The true ladies love roses.


  • Also, they are used in perfume’s composition and in kitchen. The rose’s perfume is obtained by steam distilling the crushed petals. The rose water is used for cosmetics, religious practice, cooking and medicine. The production is originated in Persia, India and Arabia. On our continent, Bulgaria is known as country of roses.


  • If we talk about rose’s utilization in kitchen, it is used occasionally in jelly, jam and marmalade. Personally, I do a delicious comfiture with roses’ petals. The secret is that the composition must have enough syrup, because after cold, if the comfiture doesn’t have enough syrup, it will be like a stone, you will not have how to eat it any more. It exist a sweet recipe, it names rose creams (rose flavored fondant covered in chocolate and topped with crystallized rose petals). This recipe is traditional in England


  • It is known that the roses have thorns, but do you ask why? I think that like each beauty, the roses have wanted to be safe. An old Romanian proverb says that every beauty has thorns and just bounder’s flesh is hurt.


  • When do we offer a rose? Well, the most roses are given like gifts at Christmas, Mother’s day and Valentine’s Day. I told you, they are the best gift ever and they can save you if you forget these three important days. They are used to decorate the festive places. For example, when I was wedding’s waiter, I made many wedding bouquets with white and red roses. All people were charmed by them, by roses. Those weddings looked
    extraordinary and all events which are decorated with roses it will looked extraordinary.

  We speak about roses with admiration and love, but why? We do this because they are so soft; you must a stone heart to hurt such flower. Choose a rose in a complicated situation, it is the best choice.


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Published by Cristian Corina Florentina


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