Carnivorous plants- solution for entomophobia
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Carnivorous plants- solution for entomophobia
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  Do you have entomophobia and the insects are your most fear? Well, I think that I find a solution for you, but it is just for home. Carnivorous plant is the solution. Maybe you stay in suburbs and the gnats, flies or other insects are everywhere. Personally, I hate gnats because they sting me in every summer. In house we can use special machines to kill the insects, but out we have not any power until now. If you can borrow of the Mother Nature, you can grow some carnivorous plants. Don’t worry, they don’t eat meat, they eat insects.

  Before I say you something about these plant, if you want carnivorous plants in your garden, you must know some rules:

 -          They have sensitive roots and they should never be fertilized

 -          The soil must always be kept moist, never soggy

 -          Most of them prefer very bright light (almost full sun), so put your terrarium near the brightest window, but be careful, the window doesn’t get hot sun all day (you risk to burn your garden)

 -          The most of them need fresh air circulation, so let’s your terrarium little free, don’t seal it

-           They need to be watered with distilled water or rainwater. Put near the house a few butts which should be connected with the gutter. In that way, the rainwater will be in that butts and you have enough water to wet your terrarium. Do not wet it with something else; you risk hurting their roots!

  Here I present you two carnivorous plant which can be grown in your garden or in your house.


  1. Venus flytrap is known being the most captivating carnivorous plant in the world. It is small, but eats much. It catches its prey with a trapping structure. Its scientific name is Dionaes muscipula and it is a perennial native to boggy areas. It thrives in acidic ad poor soil with good drainage. For a good job, it must live in bright light, but it can live in partial shade too. Don’t let it in direct sunlight in summer, especially under glass! If you want to grow it inside, keep it 4 to 7 inches away from artificial lights. You know that the plant has not enough sunlight when it doesn’t show a pink interior or it has long and spindly leaves. You can grow it in a terrarium or out (be careful with the Venus flytrap’s habitat). It can survive in winter at 35 to 50 degrees F (they need a period of winter dormancy).
  2. Sarracenia is known being the easiest carnivorous plant to grow. It need like other full sun and water low in minerals. It can grow indoors under the light or outside under the full sun. It is native from North America. It cannot live for example on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico because there is considered warm temperature. This species has many subspecies for every types of weather. It catches by producing nectar. When the insect loses its footing in the nectar falling straight in. Generally, the rules for growing are the same like for the other carnivorous plants. Do a detailed search at seller about it when you will buy this plant.


 Carnivorous plants are fascinating plants. Personally, Venus flytrap makes me to laugh; it amuses me when it tries to catch a stick. Well, I hate spiders; I kill each spider which I meet in my way. I think that almost each man hates an insect or all insects, so these plants may be a wonderful solution.



Published by Cristian Corina Florentina

27 June 2014, 13:54 insects fear, carnivorous plants, fear.insects1522

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