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   Have you ever heard the expression “it’s raining cats and dogs”? We live in a curious world where all sorts of weird stuff are known to fall from the sky. Animals dropping from the sky like outsized organic raindrops may sound like the stuff of urban myths, but it’s an utterly real phenomenon…in all likelihood. However, this English language idiom “it’s raining cats and dogs”, used to describe heavy downpour, is of unsure etymology, and there’s no proof whatsoever that it’s connected to the “animal rain” phenomenon.   

Animal rain

   Were you expecting rain but instead it began to rain fish?? Well, to the astonishment of most people, fish rain is, in fact, one of the most common, yet unknown meteorological phenomenon. Animal rain is a rare and strange weather phenomenon, with occurrences reported from numerous states throughout history. The animals most probable to fall from the sky in a rainfall are small fish, worms, frogs, ants and birds. 

   Reports of animals enigmatically falling from the sky are encountered throughout the history of numerous cultures – in the first century AD, Roman writer Pliny the Elder documented rainstorms of fish and frogs. There are lots of eyewitness reports throughout history that confirms their existence – even if certain accounts, possibly even most of them are fake or mistaken in some way, there’s still a great deal of proof to support the concept that animals really do fall from the sky like rain, in certain cases. According to rural dwellers in Yoro, Honduras, “fish rain” occurs there each summer, a phenomenon known there as the Lluvia de Peces. In March 2010, small white fish, which were most probable spangled perch, fell out of the sky on a remote Australian town.

Animal rain

   The surreal “raining animals” phenomenon can be explicated in a simple manner: In powerful enough winds, during a violent storm for instance, waterspouts, small whirlwinds, or mini-tornadoes may be generated. When these pass over water, any little items of debris in their way, for example like frogs or fish, are sucked up and transported for up to several miles. The winds have the capability to carry the animals over a relatively broad field and let them fall in a centralized fashion in a localized region. However, it’s still an enigma that accounts of this phenomenon always seem to involve animals from only one species. In every case, it’s either raining frogs or fish, but it never actually rains cats or dogs, for instance… Tornadoes or waterspouts shouldn’t discriminate in this manner!

Animal rain

Interesting facts

  • While animals are the most sensational case of items that fall from the sky that aren’t actually raindrops, there are a few other rather recent episodes of weather anomalies that are almost as bizarre. One such example is the orange-tinted snow that fell over regions of Siberia in January 2007.


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Published by Claudia Barbu


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