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  When you feel that you need more color in your life or more fresh air, you can buy a houseplant. Same houseplants are very friendly and they can give you more energy. Having same green things around you, it is possible that your happiness to grow like the flowers. You must be careful with your houseplant if you want to enjoy for years.

  What is a houseplant? A houseplant is that plant which grows indoors in places such as offices and residences. Usually this plant is grown for decorative purpose, for health reasons and positive psychological effects.

  What do houseplants need? They need: correct light levels, temperature, moisture, soil mixture, humidity, correct-sized pots and proper fertilizer.

  What really do the houseplants? They reduce the indoor air pollution and remove the CO2.

  About light

  My grandmother teaches me that a houseplant must stay near windows and that they need light. So she puts her houseplants out the house near the windows. The sun light doesn’t brighten directly on the plants not till 5 pm, when the sun doesn’t shine so strong. Some plants are sensitive and we don’t want to burn them. Be careful, each houseplant needs different level of light unlike other plants. The light is part of photosynthesis’s process, it means that the plants convert the sunlight energy to chemical energy and it fuels plant growth. The most important three benches about houseplants are written down.

  About soil

  If we want to grow a houseplant, we need for it the specialized soils called “potting soil” or “potting compost”, not local natural soil. We don’t use local natural soil because we don’t know what components it has. The potting compost mixture has nutrients, adequate drainage, support and proper aeration. Usually, it contains various components such as perlite, vermiculite, pear moss, bark or sand. Notice: you never add local natural soil at houseplant!

  About watering

  Although the Internet is full with watering advices, I learn that it is good for a houseplant to be wet once a few days (two or three days). My grandmother wets her plants early in the morning or when the sun sets. She does this because the plants stop the process of photosynthesis. These two moments are proper for nutrients absorption. Don’t wet the plant with more water, for a small plant I think it is necessary a booze of water at two days. You must wet your houseplant more than once at few days if the room temperature is high. The most houseplants are tropical species so the proper temperature for them can rangers from 15 Celsius grade to 25 Celsius grade (this temperature is similar in most homes).

  About pot types and sizes

  I know that a big plant cannot stay in small pot. A plant needs a pot for its size. When the plant grows big, it needs a big pot. This situation is like at children. We don’t dress children who have 10 years old with clothes for children who have 5 years old. Never a 10 years old child can put on her/him small clothes. Well, in that way work with the plants and their pots. Put your houseplant in an adequate pot. If you don’t do this, your houseplant can die.


  A houseplant needs some conditions. Ask a houseplant seller about the houseplant which you buy. He/she will explain what the proper conditions are for your plant loved. Respect the details which I say you because they are important. Choose with careful a houseplant depended on your needs (a clean air, more energy in the room, more color).







Published by Cristian Corina Florentina


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